Automation projects

Our experts have practical experience in a broad range of industries. This experience is put to use in numerous ways, for diverse solutions to the benefit of our customers.

Versatile solutions

Esys is well equipped to implement numerous types of automation projects, thanks to an extensive competence base. Our experts have practical experience in many industries. This experience is put to use in several ways to develop various solutions that yield clear benefits for our customers.

Benefits of modernisation

More efficient production
Greater availability of the process
Improved management of versatility
More possibilities for further development
Lower maintenance costs
More time for customers to focus on their core business

Machine manufacturers

A typical machine automation project comprises the design and implementation of electrical automation in co-operation with the machine manufacturer’s designers.

Modernisation projects

Modernisation of an old production plant is a typical example of an automation project. The mechanical equipment may remain fit for service for decades, but its functioning and monitoring are frequently inefficient. Modernisation often involves designing and implementing electrical automation for the old production line in order to improve its control and production efficiency and to increase the cost-efficiency of the entire production line.

Factory projects

Factory automation projects consist of designing and producing the plant’s automation system, preparing documentation of its operation and maintenance, and installing and commissioning the system.

Senson Oy - process modernisation

The initial situation

Early in 2003, Senson (formerly Maltax Oy), a business unit of Polttimo Group, needed a completely new production process. Production processes were being purchased as turnkey deliveries from Germany and other European countries. It was challenging to adapt these systems to suit flexible production in Finland. Therefore, Senson decided to design the process from scratch and choose a local partner to implement the automation. Esys Oy, then a recently established but highly qualified company, was successful in the competitive bidding process.

The solutions

Implementing a fully tailored, unique, and flexible production process was a daunting task for both partners. Designers from Esys and process designers with Senson planned the solution together. The preliminary plan, drafted on the basis of the needs and starting points specified, enabled Esys to perform the electrical design, programming, centre manufacture, installations, and commissioning required for the new production process. The work was completed in autumn 2003 as planned, and the production process could then commence.


All targets were met on schedule, thanks to Esys’s competent and committed personnel. Now Polttimo Group can design, maintain, and develop processes as their products dictate. The processes’ modernisation has also aided in responding to the challenges of human resource allocation: the job rotation of process staff has improved on account of standardised control of the processes. This successful first project evolved into significant co-operation between Senson and Esys, in the form of modernisation of many, quite different processes.

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