Cabinet manufacture

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Cases and cabinets

Esys is a strong manufacturer of automation, control, and motor centres. We manufacture and supply centres on a turnkey basis – from design to commissioning – or via cost-efficient contract manufacturing for our long-term customers.

Contract manufacturing

Manufacture of centres on the basis of finished designs accounts for a large proportion of our production. Our highly skilled employees follow the specified plans and detect any potential problem areas, addressing these so that the final product always is to a high standard and functions smoothly.

Contact our experts, and we will create a solution tailored to your needs.

UL-Certified cabinet manufacturer

In the North American market, UL standards serve the same role in the U.S. and Canadian industry as IEC standards in Europe.

Esys is a cabinet manufacturer approved by the competent authority Underwrites Laboratories (UL) for UL standards and in particular UL-508A.

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