Solid up-to-date expertise from a broad range of industries and skilled designers form the foundation for our high-quality services.

Knowledge combined with skill

Our design services

Automation design

Electrical design

System design

Our skilled designers are experienced in a wide variety of industries. They can apply that experience confidently to new designs.

Therefore, we deliver modern solutions that have already been tested in practice, which guarantees you a high-quality solution.

Automation design

Esys has strong, up-to-date knowledge of the design and commissioning of production-line automation for diverse industries, demonstrated by long-term customer relationships.

Technology evolves quickly, which is why, in addition to having a strong foundation in the models utilised in traditional automation design, Esys has mastered the application of modern software technology. This further strengthens our broad-based approach to design work in numerous fields. We excel in several branches of industry, with extensive experience in the food industry being among our trump cards for market confidence.

Nearly all of the systems we deliver are linked to remote monitoring through the Internet. This enables quick and cost-efficient tweaks and warranty work, without a need to travel anywhere.

Electrical design

Our electrical design services cover the engineering of electrical systems for machines and devices ranging from principal circuits to the control circuits of various subsystems and modules. Our skilled designers apply thoroughly tested and cost-efficient solutions, and they always produce standard documentation of their designs.

At Esys, we engage in continuous development of electrical design processes, as our designers develop methods and solutions in line with their ever more extensive experience and advancing technology. We use Kymdata’s CADS software for electrical design. This ensures that we can serve you with the most efficient, state-of-the art design tools and software.

System design

The design process for an automation system often starts years before implementation.

Esys assists with all steps in the process.


A thorough survey carried out at the initial stage of the project is critical for successful modernisation. We conduct a survey of the current situation, the availability of spare parts, and future needs. On the basis of the survey, it is possible to compile a budget that gives a rough idea of the project’s magnitude.


In the preliminary design stage, the entire process is thoroughly studied. The documents produced include any necessary functional diagrams, device lists, descriptions of operations, schedules, and project instructions. Also, it is at this stage that the control equipment to be used is chosen.

The preliminary design documentation covers all of the most important fundamental technical information for project budgeting, tender calculations, and the investment decision.

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